Savings Account


Who can open an Account

  • An Individual in his/her name
  • More than one person jointly
  • An illiterate person
  • A blind / visually Impaired / Incapacitated Persons
  • A guardian on behalf of minor in the minor's name
  • Clubs, Association, ( only if registered)
  • Local bodies, Co-operative Housing Societies.


It will be calculated @ 4% p.a. on the basis of Daily Product and will be credited to the account at quarterly intervals in March,June,September & December.


Pass Book

 Pass book will be supplied to every savings Bank depositor showing his account number, Name, address, transactions with date, amount and particulars.


Incidental Charges

  • If a minimum balance of Rs.1000/- (with cheque book facility) or Rs.500/- (without cheque book facility) is not kept, the Bank will charge incidental charges at the rates as in force from time to time. 
    Also refer to our Service Charges on this site for other incidental charges.

  • Initial Deposit for opening Savings Bank Account & minimum balance to be maintained in the account : 

With Cheque Book Facility - Rs.1,000/-

Without Cheque Book Facility - Rs. 500/-